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Our Goal

The goal of Seahorse Consulting is to provide personal and professional well control equipment surveys and services in the Offshore Oil & Gas industry. 

Seahorse Consulting is supported by Mike Williamson. Mike has 30+ years of experience in the Oil & Gas industry which includes supervising and overseeing all Surface and Subsea Well Control equipment systems, personnel and operations. With specific focus on regulatory compliance, readiness and reliability. Whether an existing operation, or new contract acceptance, our processes can assist with assurance and integrity of all styles of Well Control Equipment. 


In the environment of "Industry Recovery", the understanding of the requirements for "Re-activiation" of the Well Control Equipment can and is often misunderstood or not correctly presented and defined. Seahorse makes an experienced, technical, yet simple approach for the best overall understanding for our customers.

  •    Original equipment condition prior to any preservation.
  • Preservation processes completed and duration of products utilized service life.
  • "Warm or Cold" stacking program, any service and/or maintenance performed.

Seahorse Consulting can assist in the full development of the required Well Control Equipment work scope for re-activaiton and/or between well maintenance periods. 

Regulatory Compliance

Depending on the location of operation, class entity or regulatory compliance, Seahorse can provide the insight and details to the requirements that ensure the Well Control Equipment is compliant per design and meeting the standards of such bodies as API, NORSOK, BSEE, or UKOG. For options of complete project management of all Well Control and ancillary associated equipment in conjunction with the requirements of local regulatory bodies in your particular area of planned operation, please contact Seahorse Consulting.

Operational Startup Assurance

 Quality from project start up to first utilization of Surface or Subsea Well Control Equipment is the objective at Seahorse. Utilizing a subject matter expert approach to the individual component level equipment and to the complete system for operational assurance is our goal. 

Risk Assessment

Seahorse can assist with Risk Assessment from a subject matter expert approach for your operation. With over 35 years of experience in the operation of Surface and Subsea BOP's, associated Well Control Equipment, and the best overall understanding of risk to your operation. 

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